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A Short introduction to our team members and how their backgrounds should inspire potential client’s confidence

Nagesh Gowda

General Manager

At our organization's core, our General Manager embodies leadership and innovation. With dynamic management, they navigate industry changes, steering us towards continual growth. Their visionary outlook and strategic insight uncover new opportunities while fostering excellence motivates our team. Under their guidance, our operations achieve exceptional results, setting new standards in our field.


Project Manger

Our Project Manager expertly oversees projects from initiation to completion, ensuring alignment with our strategic goals and maintaining the highest standards. Known for leadership, collaboration, and the ability to deliver on time and within budget, our Project Manager brings meticulous attention to detail and proactive problem-solving to every project. Their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation consistently exceeds client expectations and drives our success.

Design Manager in Adriaash interio

Shashidhar Hirepatt

Design Manager

With a wealth of experience in crafting exquisite interiors, Shashidhar brings unparalleled expertise in overseeing design projects from conception to execution, ensuring each space embodies sophistication and functionality.

Lead Designer in Adriaash Interio

Tejaswini B

lead designer

Tejaswini is a visionary in the realm of interior design, seamlessly blending creativity with practicality to create captivating spaces that reflect clients' unique personalities and preferences.

Junior Designer in Adriaash Interio

Madhu S

Junior Designer

Madhu Shree's fresh perspective and keen eye for detail infuse vitality into every project, contributing innovative ideas that elevate the overall aesthetic while adhering to clients' desires and budget.

Junior Designer in Adriaash Interio

Sneha S

Junior Designer

Sneha's passion for design shines through in her meticulous approach, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality to curate spaces that inspire and delight.

Junior Designer in Adriaash Interio

Kiran Gowda

Junior Designer

Kiran's dedication to precision and craftsmanship shines through in his designs, as he meticulously crafts interiors that combine functionality with elegance, promising spaces that inspire and delight.

Junior Desiner in Adriaash Interio

Puja Choudhary

Junior Designer

Puja's flair for infusing personality into spaces breathes life into every project, as she translates clients' dreams into reality with her imaginative concepts and attention to detail.

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